Almira diving is located at the heart of Napaling Point, Tangnan, Bohol. It is 30-40 minutes boat-ride from Alona Beach. Napaling point is one of the “must-dive” dive spot in Bohol. It is known for its crystal clear blue water which can range from 10 to 25 feet deep. It is also rich in interesting sea life and coral garden. Most often the site has no current because of the calm sea that it possesses throughout the day. One can also explore some underwater cliffs and caves where variety of sea creatures and Acropora table coral can be seen. The site of beautiful gorgonian sea fan and sea anemones can also be enjoyed in the middle part of the wall. If you get lucky, you can be diving with a sea turtle that also plays around the area of Napaling Point. Almira Diving Resort is accessible by bus, tricycle or motorcycle. You can also make arrangement with us for transportation.